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bpost sees digital transformation as an opportunity

The entire country is a bpost customer: how many other Belgian companies can say that? bpost develops and implements its digital transformation on that solid foundation. “With an optimal digital experience, we prepare the company for the future and increase customer intimacy.”

The rise of new technologies and the growth of e-commerce are changing the way we consume. That is why bpost is accelerating its digital transformation. Because the company is convinced that it can continue to play a crucial economic and social role. By offering high-quality postal and public services, by innovating and diversifying and by remaining an important employer.

Why is the increasing digitization an opportunity for bpost?

Nico Cools (CIO at bpost): “For several years now our postal volume has been dropping, due to the digitization. It is an international trend that we cannot go against. What we can do is use this phenomenon as an opportunity to discover new paths. That is why I consider digitization to be a great opportunity to shape the future of our company. “

“I see digitization as a great opportunity to shape the future of our company.”

Nico Cools CIO at bpost

Kathleen Van Beveren (Director of Parcels & Logistics Europe & Asia at bpost): “We are fully reaping the benefits of certain market evolutions. The distribution and delivery of parcels is one of our fastest growing business activities. The e-commerce market would not exist without digitization. By embracing digitization, and aligning our approach, our structures, our resources, and our processes, we strengthen our business. “

Does a better digital experience strengthen the relationship with the customer?

Nico Cools: “I am convinced it does. The mobile story is also becoming more important. It is the most normal thing in the world for more and more customers to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds on their smartphone. People also compare differently: they weigh the efficiency of customer communication and the quality of the digital experience against that of financial institutions, airlines and retail chains. We cannot afford to be left behind.”

Kathleen Van Beveren: “Knowing what customers want and what keeps them busy enables us to develop mobile applications, digital services and products that meet today’s needs and expectations. And all these efforts and innovations must of course also be commercially viable. In short: an optimal digital experience prepares our company for the future and increases customer intimacy.”

“Because we know what customers want, we can develop appropriate digital services and products that meet today’s needs.”

Kathleen Van Beveren Director Parcels & Logistics Europe & Asia at bpost

How does smart data analysis make bpost’s processes and logistics chain even more efficient?

Kathleen Van Beveren: “For example, we use artificial intelligence in our organization – in many ways. We do it in our predictive delivery model, in which we use algorithms to estimate when a postman comes by, how long his round lasts on average, and so on. That data is adjusted in real time, depending on where and when he scans parcels during deliveries. In sorting, AI can ensure that a robot arm recognizes parcels and then performs the correct actions. And even our chatbot uses AI to answer customer questions as smartly and accurately as possible.”

Do new technologies also optimize bpost’s HR policy?

Nico Cools: “Certainly. Take the Mobi, the device that our postmen use to scan, among other things. By making that interface as accessible and intuitive as possible, we help our employees to deliver more qualitative work, and we ensure that they are incorporated much faster. The applications that we build today must be self-explanatory. Their ease of use increases job satisfaction. They also increase job involvement and pride: postmen can use it to report all kinds of things during their rounds. Happy and committed employees stay longer. And so technology can help to bind employees to us and grow with us in digitization. “

Which other digital services are you expecting to develop in the coming years?

Nico Cools: “We will only experiment with new technology as soon as we and our international technology partners find that they are sufficiently mature. It makes no sense to lose time and money with the impulsive embrace of every new trend. We choose solutions that have more or less proven themselves.”

“But to answer your question: we are considering a service with which people can identify themselves digitally, just like they do physically with their identity card. So we can guarantee, on behalf of the State and certain companies, that someone is really the person to whom they address their communications or services.”

Kathleen Van Beveren: “We can possibly integrate that into My Mail. In any case, bpost still plays an important role in the Belgian society: thanks to its proximity and the trust it receives from the population. In these digital times, we also want to continue to play that role optimally.”


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